New Member: Last week's meeting reminded everyone why they joined Rotary - there was a new member induction! Stephen Schwock joined Irondequoit Rotary, and his partner, Lily Lynch, sponsored him. Stephen read Rotary's norms and core elements and easily recited the Four Way Test. Ken added a new pin, also known as the sponsor pin, for members who are sponsors! The club is excited to have Stephen abroad!
Annual Pasta Dinner: The Pasta Dinner went off without a hitch; guests raved about our pasta, declaring it to be the greatest they'd ever eaten! The meatballs were delicious, and the bread and salad complemented and completed a lovely, traditional spaghetti dinner. The extra hands came in handy, especially at the salad station. Making and transporting dinners was made more accessible with the help of Interact club members and other student volunteers. One of the student volunteers was a West Irondequoit exchange student.
We look forward to inviting more student volunteers to future events! The Pasta Dinner committee welcomes any input, so please get in touch with a committee member if you have any. "I've never had so much fun doing dishes!" - Interact Member
Long-Term Project Brainstorm: Kim and Lynn used candy corn to provide a fun approach for members to think about a long-term project for the group. Each member was given a small bag of candy corn to vote on the seven Rotary emphasis areas: promoting peace, fighting disease, providing clean water, sanitation, and hygiene, saving women and children, supporting education, growing local economies, and protecting the environment. Each focus area was tied to a local cause. Members could drop one to seven pieces of candy corn in each area of emphasis, with one being the least passionate about the area of focus and seven being the most passionate. The activity was fun for members to get an informal tally of what they wanted to focus on most in the local area for a long-term project. The club will hold an official vote in future meetings - members are looking forward to a new project!