One aspect that makes Irondequoit Rotary unique is our members - we uplift and support each other, provide feedback on ideas, and are quick to a good joke! Naturally, it is exciting when someone new joins the club. We had one new member inducted, Greg Blair, and two potential members, Estrella and Steve, invited by Lily. Irondequoit Rotary is excited to have Greg back again to join the ranks, and we look forward to his new membership project. Please give him a hello next meeting! Welcome!
Paul Minor from Rochester North West Rotary club presented on the Shelter 2.0 project within the Peace Village in downtown Rochester. Based on the housing 1st model, the project's goal is to build six shelters to house up to 17 people and provide service and resources with the help of surrounding rotary clubs and involvement from the House of Mercy and People-Centered Housing. Shelter 2.0 lasts longers than the original model and is quite cozy! Paul proposed for Irondequoit Rotary's involvement with building one of the six shelters. The first build date focused on prep work is scheduled for September 23rd, and a second build date concentrated on the assembly of the shelters is expected in mid-October. The club will decide its involvement in the upcoming weeks. To learn more about Shelter 2.0 and the assembly process, follow the link here: