Kudos to Ray Holla and Mrs. Holla for hosting us for our meeting last week!  The cottage is on a beautiful setting, the food truck delivered delicious food and there was plenty of Rotary fellowship going around for all to enjoy.  Even the rain did not dampen this wonderful evening.  
Pasta dinner is a go and is set for November 1st at Bishop Kearney.  Bob Scheidt, Bob Spatola and Dan Dwyer are meeting to lay out a plan for this event.  This will be shared with the membership at next week's business meeting.  Plans are to keep it simple and safe for all concerned.  
Terri Bastuk reported that the District Simplified Grant project with the Rochester Community Inclusive Rowing is moving ahead.  Plan is to purchase customized trailers to make it easier to load the rowboats in the water.  Terri is looking into a field trip for our club so we can see the facility.  More to come...
Kim Miranda reported that the Bunkbeds Across America build night on September 26 is already filled so we cannot volunteer to help for that occasion.  There will be other times in the future.  We will also look into sponsoring a build night where they build bunk beds, perhaps co-sponsoring with Brighton Rotary who has shared an interest in doing so.  A build night sponsorship is $3000.
President Tom reminds all new members that there is a $500 budget allowance for each new member to complete a community project this year.  Please come to the club with a proposal.  New members can also pool their individual budget if several want to work together.
Business Meeting is next week.  Some business items discussed tonight:  President Tom will look into getting our own Zoom Account.  Elena DiPrima volunteered to help Terri Bastuk with the Holiday Gift Basket Party preparations.  
Big thanks to Bob Spatola who solicited the Veterans in our club to purchase install a flagpole in front of the Playhouse at Camp Haccamo.  We will plan to set a date for an official flag raising ceremony in the near future.  Talk was for Veterans Day but we should hear next week on the exact date.