Ridgemont Country Club
3717 W. Ridge Rd.
Rochester, NY 14626
United States of America
Please join us and help raise funds to benefit Irondequoit Rotary Programs.
A great time is ensured for all…
$100 for Reverse Draw Ticket & $50 for Dinner 
Attendance is not required to win!
Win up to $4000!
100 tickets are sold for $100 each. The 100 tickets are randomly drawn with winners determined by position of draw. Every 10th ticket wins a prize. After 92 tickets have been drawn, holders of the final 8 tickets remaining may vote to split the $4000 Jackpot prize ($500 each) or continue on as long as those holders wish, splitting the prize among the remaining ticket holders; OR continue drawing numbers to one FINAL winner of $4000. For example if it gets down to 2 tickets remaining and the 2 holders then choose to split, they each get $2000.
For tickets, email Dave Shaheen  with your name and phone number.